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My Shangri-La, My Adventures in Asia

My Shangri-Lais not only a fascinating and well-written record of a personal pilgrimage to Asia, it is a memoir filled with information about sacred festivals, endangered orangutans, and cultural practices that differ dramatically from our “rituals” in the West. When you finish it, you’ll want to book your ticket as soon as possible.”

Karen Randall, former English Department Chair
Schools of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco

The inspiration for her book came when she remembered she saw Lost Horizon, which she saw on TV late one summer night when she was about eight. She never forgot the lure of this paradise lost in time in the Himalayas.

This collection of short stories about her travels in Asia includes many of the most interesting places she experienced and you can visit all of these destinations today. Some covered Bali’s annual Hungry Ghosts festival and India’s Great Mother festival Hindus believe good overcomes evil.

Another rewarding trip was traveling through Burma, now Myanmar, when she had a week to see the country in a small truck with three other tourists and a guide. It was breath-taking to see two thousand temples in Pagan near the Irrawaddy River where women washed their closes in the river.

She chose each destination for a reason and she invites you to experience the Asia she saw twenty-five years ago. This book is an introductory guide and includes more than forty photos of her travels at a time when few women traveled on their own.

My Shangri-La includes 45 personal photos, maps to each destination, and other resources. You can buy My Shangri-La on Amazon and through bookstores.


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