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The Rex

The Rex is a vintage hotel in Kip’s Bay, Manhattan. The hotel is the scene of a struggle between the forces of development and the forces of the status quo, the tenants, some of whom have lived in the Rex for twenty years.

Michael Lansky, the developer, hires a white-collar felon, Jack Kuhl, to use his managerial expertise to force the tenants out of the Rex. Jack hires ex-cons, whom he installs in the Rex to intimidate and brutalize the tenants. Lansky has the money, power, and the drive to win, despite Jack’s growing qualms and problems keeping the ex-cons in line.

Frieda Berg, a neurotic, hardened social worker, and Marcy Benaventura, a young, combative artist, fight for, encourage and support the other tenants. When the struggle seems lost, they tap their inner resources to continue the fight.

Who will win? And at what cost? One thing is certain: The struggle for the Rex will change everyone.

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The Rex
The Rex